About Us

We are pleased to welcome you and your child to Taylor Way Childcare Centre. We are confident by registering your child in our center she/he will be well cared for with love, and fully develops through targeted activities and making new relationships. Our childcare centre is a fun learning experience. For some children, it just takes a few days to sense the warmth and energy we are offering them, while others feel completely secure the moment they enter our center. We provide children with an environment in which they are encouraged to grow intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially.

Here is how we incorporate growth in these areas:

♥ Intellectually

Reading, science, math, cooking and problem solving are some examples of the intellectual stimulation provided at Taylor Way Childcare Center. We strive to foster and develop a positive attitude towards learning by creating age-appropriate projects and inquiries that focus on their whole development. We always encourage children to engage in all the activities, but will never force children to participate.

♥ Socially

Children are encouraged to develop co-operation through caring, sharing and helping. Childcare is meant to be a positive experience in which your child grows and develops a love for learning. Throughout the year, the program will use flexible themes to provide your child with new information and opportunities for exploration!  We will do our best to speak with you frequently and hope that you will feel free to ask questions, make suggestions and voice any concerns you may have.

♥ Physically

Both indoor and outdoor play are part of the physical program. We focus on developing fine muscle and large muscle control, movement, coordination and dexterity. Music, climbing, balancing, yoga and dance are just some of the activities that we offer to young children.

♥ Emotionally

As teachers, it’s our primary concern to provide a nurturing, loving and secure environment in which your child can feel safe and relaxed while enjoying and learning.