Monthly themes

Each month our curriculum focuses on a different theme and includes lessons, activities and projects related to that particular theme. Parents are provided monthly newsletters that inform them of all the exciting things their child will be learning about that month.

Meals and snacks

We use a local, farm to table, organic catering company to serve our students breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. All food served is peanut free. We provide parents with menus so they can see all the yummy things their child will get to eat!

Beyond the classroom

We feel it is important for children to see that learning can occur outside of their regular classroom. Fieldtrips and other extracurricular activities will compliment a particular theme that is being discussed in the classroom. Our goal is for all fieldtrips and extracurricular activities to be educational and fun.

Program highlights

Highly qualified staff

All teachers at Taylor Way Childcare Center have not only met all requirements established by DCFS but earned at least a B.A. in Education and hold a current Illinois Educator License.

Outdoor play

We have the privilege of using the beautiful Fellger Park and Hamlin Park for our outdoor play. Children have plenty of room to run and play and exert all that energy their little bodies build up throughout the day.

Developmentally appropriate curriculum

We have chosen a professionally designed curriculum that has both challenged and stimulated the minds of our young children.

Daily reports

A daily report will be provided so that parents can see all the activities in which their child participated, along with other events that went on during that particular day.


We go beyond childcare license standards to ensure our families that their child is receiving the greatest care and education in an environment that is superior to most.

Enrichment classes

Taylor Way Childcare Center offers Spanish, music, dance and art classes that meet once at week at our center.

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